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Upper Back Pain Left Side

Upper back pain occurs moderately often in an area from the low neck down to the mid thoracic spine, being not as common as lower back pain or neck pain but still having the potential to be disabling in some cases.

Further information about upper back pain can be accessed at Wikipedia's upper back pain page and more general back pain information at NHS Choices.

Changes can occur to the anatomical structures in the lower neck and upper thoracic spine due to injuries, time or postural stresses which are maintained for long periods. These changes do not typically occur exactly symmetrically in the spine, leading to one sided pain such as upper back pain left side, or right side.

Upper back pain symptoms come in various types from the very mild ache on doing a strenuous activity to the sharp severe pain of an injured joint due to twisting or lifting to the strong and persistent ache of a longer term pain from poor postural maintenance.

Problems in these areas can give shoulder blade pain, upper back muscle pain or upper back pain between shoulder blades, or pain can be referred downwards and appear as middle back pain.

Some serious conditions can declare themselves by pain in the upper back and related areas and these include lung pain, heart pain (angina), abdominal problems and various tumours. If you are not sure your symptoms are musculoskeletal in origin or there are unusual symptoms, consult your medical advisor immediately.

Anyone can have this kind of pain, often due to poor posture over a long period of desk work at a computer or bench, or upper back pain during pregnancy can also be troublesome, although low back pain and sacroiliac pain is much more common.

A physiotherapist can assess a left sided upper back pain with the emphasis on examining the left sided lower neck joints for dysfunctions such as pain and loss of range of motion and then facilitate back pain relief with massage, advice, postural correction, mobilisation techniques, manipulation and upper back pain exercises.

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