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Total Knee Replacement Video

Total knee replacement is one of the medical technologies with the highest quality of life improvements of all medical treatments, along with hip replacement.

Knee replacement is the gold standard treatment for significant knee osteoarthritis in older people, over 65 years of age. Knee arthritis involves pain in the knee, limited range of motion, sleep disturbance and limitation of function including walking.

During the operation the knee is bent to around 90 degrees, the ends of the bones are cut with precise jigs to ensure accuracy, the components are cemented in or press fitted and a polyethylene spacer is placed between the metal components. Once the operation is over the rehabilitation of the knee is down to the patient working with their physiotherapist over the next few months.

A total knee replacement video is a great way of understanding what actually goes on during the operation and allows a patient to realise what they need to work on after the operation with the physio. A comprehensive knee replacement video is here at MedlinePlus although the prosthesis is a mobile bearing type and The Royal Free Hospital gives an informative video about knee replacement

YouTube has a 28 minute video here about minimally invasive knee replacement which follows a US man through the whole process:

Hip Replacement

Hip replacement is the other major joint replacement technology and the one with the longest development from the 1960s innovations of John Charnley at Wrightington UK. The hip replacement operation is complex and best illustrated in a hip replacement video to get the hang of what is done and how.

In the hip replacement video, treatment of the hip arthritis starts with the surgical approach to the hip joint to make it visible, dislocation of the joint to bring the socket and ball into view, removal of bone from the upper femur and the socket, reaming out the upper thigh bone, cementing of the socket and the femur, insertion of the components, relocation of the hip and testing of the movements and repair and closure of all the cut structures. The hip replacement operation takes about an hour and a half and the patient is typically mobilised into standing or walking the following day.

A total hip replacement video varies with the different approaches that a surgeon uses to access the hip joint, each with its plus and minus points. The anterior hip replacement video shows one technique which approaches the hip from the front. Others do a posterior approach which allows a better view during operation but may have a higher degree of dislocation.

A hip resurfacing video illustrates an alternative method of arthritis pain relief by replacing the arthritic joint surfaces with artificial components. This involves much less bone removal, no cementing, lower risk of dislocation and the ability of the patients to go back to active function once the recovery period is over.

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