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Total Knee Replacement Medical Malpractice

Total knee replacement is the orthopaedic operation by which the damaged, worn or diseased knee joint surfaces are replaced by artificial implants of metal and plastic. The operation is complex and expensive and good surgical planning and technique is very important if the joint is going to last the ten or fifteen or more years that is now expected.

For a medical malpractice suit to succeed, the patient has to prove that the negligence of the surgeon was the actual cause of the problem or injury which is recognised in law as one which should be compensated. Such an injury is one which the injured person should receive financial damages for the alleged negligent actions.

Most people have an uneventful operative and post-operative course and can look forward to a long period of trouble-free use of their new joint. However, things do go wrong at times and there can be knee replacement complications, most of which have no bearing on negligence but are part of the recognised problems if one wants to look at knee replacement complications - a comprehensive view.

There have been cases of the implants of partial knee replacement being improperly positioned and this is a risk either with a new technology or if the surgeon has done a very limited number of that specific procedure. Total knee arthroplasty has been well established for some years and the underlying risks and reasons for doing things the way they are have been thrashed out clearly. This is also the case with hip replacement where the way it should be done is clear and any great deviation from this could be interpreted as unwise and perhaps negligent.

You will be able to find examples of problems and legal difficulties in a total knee replacement blog or an after knee replacement blog where individuals give their own experiences of having this kind of knee surgery.

Injurylawyers4u is an example of a company which specialises only in the various aspects of personal injury and Alexander Harris is also an accident and injury firm of lawyers.

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