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Total knee replacement is the operation whereby the abnormal joint surfaces of the knee joint are replaced by implants made of metal and plastic, restoring almost normal joint function.

With over 70,000 knee replacements performed in the UK every year, this is both a very common and very successful branch of knee surgery. Mostly performed for knee arthritis is people over 65 years of age, younger people with restricted arthritic changes to one side of the knee may be suitable for partial knee replacement.

Hip replacement was the first joint to be fully replaced and the first fully functional and longlived joint arthroplasty. Total knee arthroplasty has caught up and overtaken hip replacement both in terms of numbers and expense.

There are a number of risks, difficulties and knee replacement complications which need to be reviewed and understood before committing to having your knee replaced. To get knee replacement complications - a comprehensive view it is worthwhile checking up on an after knee replacement blog or two as this gives the individual, unvarnished story from someone who has had the experience themselves.

Even though it is uncommon, fortunately, it may in some cases be necessary to consider total knee replacement medical malpractice if things go badly and medical mistakes seem to be the cause.

Robin's Total Knee Replacement page gives his personal story of knee replacements and collects many links of interest and another blog about knee replacement can be found here.

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