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Total Knee Arthroplasty

Total knee arthroplasty is the medical name for total knee replacement, more commonly just called knee replacement now. An arthroplasty is the replacement of a joint either partially or wholly by metal and plastic components. Joint arthroplasty is a major branch of orthopaedic surgery, with over 70,000 replacements performed annually in the UK, overtaking the popularity of the first joint arthroplasty to be really successful, hip replacement.

Knee replacement is a standard operation for a knee which may be diseased, worn or damaged, and replaces the abnormal joint surfaces with metal and plastic inserts. In full knee replacements the whole knee is replaced but an option is to use a partial knee replacement if only one side of the knee compartments is affected by arthritis.

Knee replacement is a major operation and on the initial outpatient appointments you will likely be given an information booklet about the operation. This information is very important in your preparation for the complex nature of coping with the operation and the rehabilitation period with the physiotherapist.

Knee replacement is a very successful operation but as with all interventions there are knee replacement complications and it is good to understand these before signing the consent form. Getting the ideas of knee replacement complications, a comprehensive view of this matter is vital as it is quite likely that you will have at least one minor complication in your recovery period, although it will be easily treated and dealt with.

In these cases there is little substitute for personal experience so it can be very useful to follow a total knee replacement blog or an after knee replacement blog to hear first hand what people have to cope with and how they deal with it.

Hopefully all will go well in a recognised orthopaedic centre and you will have no need to know about total knee replacement medical malpractice issues.

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