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Total Hip Replacement Video

Total hip replacement is one of the most successful treatments in all of medicine, showing greater improvements in quality of life than any other medical intervention. The hip replacement operation has been refined since the late 1960s into the complex, predictable and effective treatment it now is for hip osteoarthritis. Prior to operation a physiotherapist can give a joint exercise program, advise on gait improvement and walking aids and encourage weight loss.

Understanding this kind of complex operation is difficult and it is much easier, if you can stand the blood and the hammering and drilling, to watch a hip replacement video which graphically displays what it is exactly that the surgeon has to achieve when performing this procedure. This allows you to understand what has occurred and some of the reasons for working on exercises for joint pain before the operation with the physiotherapist and cooperating with post hip replacement exercises also with the physio.

A comprehensive video of the hip covering the whole process from the initial clinic attendance through the operation and the post operative mobilisation with the physiotherapist is at The Royal Free Hospital site. A YouTube video of three minutes or so gives a graphic based illustration of total hip replacement:


In the hip replacement video, treatment of the arthritic joint surfaces is illustrated including the incision, approach, removal of bone, measurement to ensure a good fit of components, cementing, insertion of the implants and relocation of the two parts of the hip joint to allow normal function. The hip replacement surgery follows a typical course in each case as there is a logical order for the procedures to be performed, as there is for the physio who is mainly responsible for hip replacement therapy once the operation has been completed.

Surgeons usually prefer one or other surgical approach to the hip joint, meaning that they cut into the leg from a specific direction, knowing they have to cut through particular tendons, muscles or bone to reach the depth of the hip joint. The anterior hip replacement video shows one such approach, from the front of hip joint.

Hip replacement stretches are rarely required and usually in cases where the joint is very tight and not able to be released by the surgery, and a physio's supervision is essential so that the joint is not at risk, with lying on the front a typical and effective position to stretch out the joint tightness at the front.

Hip Resurfacing

The hip resurfacing video shows a different approach to treating the pain and functional limitation of hip arthritis, with much less bone removed, a much larger femoral head, and a metal on metal articulation of two hemispherical surfaces. This is claimed to reduce the chances of dislocation, maintain bone stock and allow freer resumption of normal activities after a certain period. Hip resurfacing exercises can be performed more strongly and with less risk due to this, when compared with hip replacement exercises.

Total Knee Replacement

Total knee replacement is the sister technology to total hip replacement and is showing the same frequency and success of joint replacement as the hip. The total knee replacement video shows the differences in technique which knee replacement demands and gives the patient a good insight into what has occurred so that they can cooperate well with their physiotherapist during their rehabilitation.

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