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Stiff Neck

A stiff neck could be the symptoms of a number of conditions related to the neck and upper body, with neck pain being the most frequent. Cervical spine neck pain is very common and restriction of neck movement is a very frequent. Further resources on neck pain can be found at Arthritis Research UK with a symptom checker at

A stiff neck which is not painful could be the result of an old injury which has healed but left some joint stiffness, osteoarthritis in the neck joints limiting their movement or an arthritic condition. Ankylosing spondylitis is the most common arthritic disease, particularly in men, which leads to neck stiffness, often accompanied with pain.

Arthritic disease involving the neck is usually very stiff in the mornings, worse with resting and better with activity, the opposite way round to some extent to normal neck pain. If these symptoms are like yours, talk to your doctor.

Torticollis neck pain, an acute onset of pain and stiffness with abnormal head posture, can occur for a number of reasons, the most common being sleeping “awkwardly”.

Neck pain relief can be helped by a physio who can advise on posture, neck exercises for neck pain, suggest heat or TNS and apply mobilisation or manipulation techniques. Pillows for neck pain is a common enquiry and your physio can help with finding the best pillow for neck pain, although it is a trial and error process until you come to the best solution.

Back pain may be secondary to poor postural habits, which makes poor neck posture very likely as a consequence, so correcting lumbar posture may also help neck pain.

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