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Signature total knee replacement is a new system from Biomet which allows a more customised approach to knee replacement for those whose bones may not be standard sizes. People are not standard in their shapes and anatomy and that goes for their knees too. It is used with Biomet's Vanguard knee system which gives the variety of sizes and shapes required to personalise the replacement to the receiver.

In the Signature knee replacement system an MRI scan of your knee gives a detailed 3D images of the anatomy of the knee and allows precise planning of the operation and the creation of custom made alignment guides which are used in the operation to ensure correct component positioning. This allows the surgeon to fit the result best to the particular requirements of the individual.

The new Signature knee replacement surgery differs from standard knee replacement, where alignment guides are inserted into the thigh and shin bones during the operation. The Signature guides are moulded to fit the outside bony anatomy so give precise alignment information without invasive placement, allowing the Signature knee custom cutting system to precisely map the cuts necessary to remove the correct amounts of the arthritic joint surfaces so the implants fit snugly in best alignment.

The Vanguard Complete Knee System complements the Signature system and allows the choice of up to 90 different component sizes so the surgeon can find the fit which represents the optimal size and shape for the patient.

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