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Sciatica Stretches

Sciatica pain is severe pain in the leg due to a disc prolapse, this being very much the most common cause although there are others. Most leg pain is not sciatica pain and anyone who has had sciatica symptoms will tell you how bad it can be.

Lumbago or lower back pain may be present also or the leg pain may come on by itself and symptoms of sciatica can be confined to the lower leg or the foot alone.

Sciatica treatment does not usually involve sciatica stretches and a sciatica cure may involve more of doing the right things while the nerve settles down in its own time than any very positive effects of treatments.

Stretching the sciatic nerve when you have severe leg pain is something the doctor may do by lifting your leg up straight as a test. This usually results in much worse pain in the leg so stretching the nerve is not something you should do without careful thought or close advice.

Leg movements which mobilise the nerve may be needed when the acute pain settles to avoid the nerve becoming tight and causing chronic sciatica. A physiotherapist or other manual therapist can guide you on this and when to do it.

Sciatica-pregnancy does occur moderately often and your women's health physio should be able to help you with pain relief for sciatica through this period and may advise piriformis stretches, positioning and limitation of activity as pain management.

Further information can be found at sciatica-emedicine and at NHS Choices and slightly more technical information at Clinical Knowledge Summaries.


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