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Prepare for Knee Replacement Surgery

Total knee replacement is an extremely successful medical technology, whereby the surfaces of an arthritic knee are replaced by metal and plastic components, relieving pain and restoring function. Having some of the highest quality of life improvements of any medical intervention, knee replacement is now a standard and effective way of managing knee arthritis.

Part of the important preparation for this major operation is providing good knee replacement surgery information for the patient to read and understand over the weeks preceding the operation. There are various types of knee replacement surgery such as partial knee replacement (unicompartmental knee arthroplasty), rotating hinge knee replacement, rotating platform knee replacement and minimally invasive knee replacement.

Information is vital for the patient to cooperate fully during the procedure and the period of rehabilation which follows, and to understand the knee replacement surgery risks and knee replacement complications which might occur. Watching a video such as a partial knee replacement surgery video can be a very good way of understanding what has gone on in the operation and the reasons for the post-operative management and physiotherapy.

A consultation with a physiotherapist before the operation can achieve several aims. The range of motion and strength of the knee can be assessed and exercises given to improve both of these measures, exercises which will be mostly continued after the operation. The patient's gait can also be assessed and corrected, with the provision of appropriate walking aids as necessary. The physio can likely answer most of the questions which might come up during the consultation or earlier in the doctor's clinic.

Other useful preparations can be to lose weight, increase aerobic fitness, have teeth checked for infections and to care for the skin on the legs.

Other useful resources about preparing for knee replacement surgery are available at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and at WikiHow.

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