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Pillows for Neck Pain

Neck pain is very common and often better managed in the day as movement and a variety of postures helps a cervical spine neck pain. However, neck pain is much harder to manage at night as the static nature of sleep stresses the neck joints in one position for much longer periods of time. Further resources on neck pain can be found at Arthritis Research UK with a symptom checker at

For neck pain at night, people often search for the best pillow for neck pain, trying a number of solutions until they come up with something which is acceptable. Torticollis neck pain, sudden onset of stiff neck in an abnormal posture with pain or waking with a stiff and painful neck, usually requires careful positioning if you want to lie down to rest or sleep again.

Neck pain relief at night can be best achieved by working at the neck pain during the day, taking appropriate painkillers and testing the best posture at night. The neck should be kept in the “neutral” position, where the neck is neither tilted to one side or the other, a bit like our necks are most of the time when we are up.

A larger pillow with a smaller feather-type pillow on top may be useful to allow a wide variety of thicknesses until the best one is found.

Neck exercises for neck pain are also very useful but need to be kept up several times a day over the long term if they are to have a useful effect. People with neck pain often have back pain also, and the postural problems in the lumbar spine in sitting may overflow into poor neck posture. Correction of poor back posture may be really useful in helping neck pain also.

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