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Information for Physiotherapists

Welcome to the Physiotherapy Site. We have established a network of more than 1500 registered physiotherapy practices.

The objective of our website is to provide a convenient and risk-free treatment option for patients suffering conditions such as back pain or sports injuries. The site shows patients the benefits of physiotherapy treatment and the importance of seeking help as soon as possible rather than putting-up with unnecessary pain.

There is no sign-up fee so Physiotherapists pay nothing unless they receive an active patient lead. Patient referrals are highly qualified as we send you patients wanting to make an appointment immediately. You only pay for patient enquiries who want to book treatment,  so your advertising spending with The Physiotherapy Site is totally results-orientated. If we don’t deliver patients you don’t pay; and if we do deliver patients, the new patient revenues put you into profit straight away.

Unlike traditional advertising approaches - with our introductions you know the investment is paying-back. Whether you are looking to improve your utilisation of treatment-rooms or staff by filling gaps in your appointment book or building volume to expand your practice, The Physiotherapy Site makes perfect sense.

A direct debit instructions form will be require to complete your registration, therefore please ensure you have your bank details including sort code and account number available. This form will be display once you have completed the Practice and Billing details.

For further information please contact us on 0845 154 6799

If you would like to register for our service please complete the following form:


Principal Practitioner or Practice Details

Clinic Name: *

Practitioner Name: *

Practice Address

Street Number / Building Name: *

Street Name: *


County: *

Postcode: *

Email Address: *


Professionals at Clinic:




Note: you should only use the Appointment Line Service if: (a) your clinic is able to accept patient bookings every day during the business week; and (b) patients can attend appointments at least 2-3 days per week.

Billing Details (only complete address details if different)

Contact Name / Position:

Street Number / Building Name:

Street Name:




Email address:

Receptionist contact information for receiving patient introductions

Primary Telephone Number: *

Second Line (if primary not answered):

Name of Person to Contact: *

Email or Fax?: *


Note: During business hours the practice must be able to receive emails and/or faxes and call back patients within 30 minutes; after hours, patient details will be emailed/faxed and patients must be called by 10 a.m. next business day. In addition, a confirmation email will be sent with patients’ details during office hours.

Business Hours:

(hours during which Appointment Line calls may be put through directly to reception)

Practice Description:

Please provide a short (40 word) description of your practice. This will be the main description of your practice that will be read out to patients if they ask about your clinic.

Initial Treatment & Subsequent Treatment Fees:

 Treatments Offered:

In addition to general practice, does your clinic focus in the treatment of specific injuries or conditions, e.g. sports injuries, knees, ankles?

Insurance Company Registration:

Is the practice registered with any insurance companies?

All major insurance companies


All except BUPA






If others, please list:

Please read the frequently asked questions and the terms and conditions on which patient introductions will be received from the Appointment Line. (These links will each open a new window)

Yes, I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions

  and Continue to the direct debit signup page.

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