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Company Overview. 

The Physiotherapy Site was founded in 2001 by Jonathan Blood Smyth who retired recently as Head of Physiotherapy at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital. Jonathan and the team have established a registered network comprising more than 1200 physiotherapists. These practitioners have helped to establish this website and our appointment booking service for the purpose of:

  • Explaining the benefits of physiotherapy to prospective patients; and
  • Providing a free help-line service to answer the many questions patients may have about Physiotherapists and how to make the most of a consultation

Crucially the Physiotherapy Site is funded by its members so that there is no charge to patients for using the service. All charges are absorbed into the standard consultation rates charged by the practice, and all patients booking through the Physiotherapist Site are guaranteed that the consultation fees they pay will be the same or lower than patients referred from any other source such as by their local GP.

All of the Physiotherapy practices registered with the Physiotherapist Site are qualified to practise in the UK and are also registered with the Health Professions Council (HPC) which supervises all UK Physiotherapists. In addition to satisfying all the educational and regulatory requirements of the HPC, the Physiotherapist Site has its own more stringent admission criteria for clinics wishing to participate in the network. All Physiotherapists must have at least 5 years experience in practice (although 90% have more than 10 years experience) and be recognised by most major health insurance providers.

In addition to vetting all the Physiotherapists joining the Physiotherapy Site's network of physiotherapists, the network coordinator, Jeremy Avallone, is responsible for obtaining feedback from the many thousands of patients who use the Physiotherapy Site service to book their physiotherapy appointments each year. We proactively seek feedback from patients and use it to guide recommendations to patients – and also to prune the membership if a physiotherapist is receiving less than overwhelming positive feedback. Although most feedback is positive Jeremy continuously evaluates all physiotherapists and de-lists any that have not got an excellent feedback score. Of course, there is a full money-back guarantee provided by the Physiotherapy Site.

The telephone advisors who answer patient calls are all trained by a physiotherapist to be able to give general advice to patients – although in most cases they will recommend that you seek a personal consultation with a physiotherapist if required. More importantly they acquire a deep knowledge of the way in which physiotherapy is practiced in each local area enabling our telephone advisors to recommend particular physios in an area for treatment of different kinds of conditions. For example, patients looking for treatment for a frozen shoulder will be advised about the way in which a physiotherapist will generally treat this condition as well as advised about which physiotherapists specialise in this condition and base a substantial part of their practice on treating this specific condition. Patients can then decide whether to see a generalist nearby or travel a little further to see a specialist.

The best way to find out about the Physiotherapist Site and its network of practitioners is to call our friendly team of advisors and ask your questions; they are here to help.

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