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Follow Up After Joint Replacement

A joint replacement is for life, and if you are lucky it will last longer than you do!

However, a good outcome is not entirely an accident, as it depends not only on all the initial work done with you by medical and paramedical staff, but also on the long term monitoring of the joint.

There are many changes which can occur in the life of an artificial joint, some of no consequence and some of great importance. There is no substitute for having an expert cast their eye over you and your x-rays.

The first follow-up appointment at the surgeon’s clinic is commonly six weeks post-operation. At this time you may be x-rayed to check the status of the joint.

The surgeon will assess your walking ability and knee range of movement, and advise you on weight-bearing. You may want to discuss work, activities, walking and driving. You may be reminded of the things you need to do to look after your joint replacement.

Attending the regular follow-up appointments is very important when you have an artificial joint, as problems can be identified early and treated if needed. Follow up often continues for the rest of your life to both help research and look after your well being.

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