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Partial Knee Replacement Surgery Video

Partial knee replacement, also known as unicompartmental knee arthroplasty, is a technique developed to manage knee arthritis which is confined to one side or the other of the joint, with the other side remaining good.

The inner (medial) and the outer (lateral) compartments of the knee are separate bearing surfaces for the bodyweight and one may be badly affected by the osteoarthritis while the other is relatively unaffected. In these cases a total knee replacement might be thought to be inappropriate as at least half of the joint is unaffected by joint damage.

Partial knee replacement is both cheaper than replacing the whole joint and the rehabilitation may be shorter and easier with less physiotherapy supervision required. A greater number of patients with knee arthritis may be suitable for this technique than is presently realised.

There are various types of knee replacement surgery which are fitted to the clinical needs of the patients and the overall success rate of knee replacement is very high with over 70,000 knee operations performed in the UK every year.

However the possibility of knee replacement surgery risks and knee replacement complications means that good knee replacement surgery information is vital if patients are to successfully prepare for knee replacement surgery. Good examples of this kind of valuable information includes a knee replacement surgery video.

If the operation shows too much carpentry and blood to cope with then a knee replacement surgery animation is a great substitute. Physiotherapy input is important to establish an exercise programme to work on strength and range of movement which will be carried through into the post-operative period.

Due to the complex nature of the operation it is useful to watch an orthopedics video but it is difficult to find a good partial knee replacement surgery video, with MedlinePlus having very good videos on total knee replacement however.

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