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New Signature Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement is a very successful surgery system, replacing the damaged or diseases joint surfaces with artificial metal and plastic components. However, one of the difficulties is that people of non-standard sizes and shapes do not suit the range of component sizes as well as people of a more average size.

A trend in knee replacement has been towards customising the knee implants to give a better fit to those whose size or shape is not standard. The new Signature knee replacement system, manufactured by Biomet, is one of these innovative approaches.

The Signature knee custom cutting system allows the manufacture of custom alignment guides to ensure the removal of exactly the correct amount of damaged knee joint surfaces to fit the planned implant.

Most knee replacement planning is done from 2D x-rays but the Signature total knee system uses the detailed 3D information of an MRI scan of the knee to plan the operation and to design and manufacture alignment guides for the placement of the knee implants.

In standard knee replacement alignment guides are often inserted into the bones of the thigh and the shin and are therefore more invasive than the Signature guides which are manufactured exactly to fit the outside contours of the patient's knee bones. This allows precise positioning of the knee replacement implants which is a crucial part of the success of this type of operation.

Biomet also provides the Vanguard Complete Knee System to complement the Signature techniques, allowing an increased likelihood of finding a good fit from the 90 size combinations available, regardless of gender, race or size.

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