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Knee Replacement Surgery Video

Knee replacement is a major treatment option for the management of severe osteoarthritis of the knee, particularly in older people. It now approaches the popularity of hip replacement and as it is more costly to buy the components and perform the procedure, the overall costs of replacing the knee are higher than the hip.

Hip replacement demands that the patient understands what has been done and the reasons for the restrictions placed on activities after operation, but it is knee replacement that the rehabilitation depends more strongly on the relationship between the physiotherapist and the patient. Total knee replacement rehabilitation may go on for several months in some cases so it is important that patients appreciate that before the operation so they are prepared for the daily work on their joint required to get the best out of their new knee.

Knee replacement recovery is more extended than with hip replacement as physiotherapy to monitor the knee replacement exercises and general progress may need to occur over several months, although mostly this is not needed.

There are several types of knee replacement surgery and partial knee replacement may be recommended if the knee arthritis only affects one side, or compartment, of the knee and in this case recovery and rehabilitation may be quicker than standard replacement. Knee replacement cost is also lower with partial knee replacement and larger numbers of patients may be suitable for this procedure than are offered it at the moment.

Signature knee replacement is an innovative design from Biomet which allows increased customisation of the knee implants to the individual's joint size and shape, using an MRI scan to give a 3D image of the joint.

Knee surgery in general is complex and it can be useful for someone who is about to undergo this procedure to clearly understand what has been done and so understand the reasons for the post-operative management. For this reason a total knee replacement video is useful as this goes through all the stages of the operation. A partial knee replacement surgery video is also available for those undergoing the operation on just half of their knee and if the blood and carpentry is too much then a knee replacement surgery animation is a good substitute.

The orthopedics video also helps to understand what knee replacement complications might occur and how the surgeons deal with them.

With a clear view of the operation and what the tissues of the knee have had to endure, the patient can appreciate the balance of resting and exercise needed for a good result, and the importance of close cooperation and supervision by their physiotherapist.

There are good videos of this and other procedures at MedlinePlus and the Musculoskeletal Consumer Review.

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