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Knee Replacement Surgery Information

Total knee replacement is, along with hip replacement, one of the most successful procedures in the whole of medicine, showing the highest quality of life improvements of any medical intervention.

Due to the complex nature of the operation, the pain involved and the extended period of rehabilitation with physiotherapy supervision in many cases, it is vital than patients get the best knee replacement surgery information to prepare for knee replacement surgery.

Good written information about the operation, knee replacement surgery risks and knee replacement complications should be provided some weeks before the operation to allow patients to digest the information and generate any questions they might want to.

A physiotherapist should assess the patient's knee and walking pattern and advise on exercises for muscle strength and ranges of movement which can be carried through to the period after the operation, with written exercises given with illustrations to improve compliance and accuracy.

The information is important due to the many types of knee replacement surgery which the surgeon might choose, including unicompartmental knee arthroplasty, also called partial knee replacement, which is increasingly used where knee arthritis is confined to one side of the knee. Watching a partial knee replacement surgery video can be especially valuable here to give a patient a clear idea of what has occurred to the knee during the operation and why the post-operative rehabilation is extended in time compared to hip replacement.

Further detail on knee replacement surgery information is available at MedicineNet and  NHS Choices.

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