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Knee Replacement Surgery Animation

Knee replacement, along with its sister operation hip replacement, is one of the major success stories of twentieth century medicine. Performed now over 65,000 times per year in the UK, knee replacement relieves the pain and functional disability of osteoarthritis of the knee and gives some of the highest quality of life improvements of any medical treatments.

There are several types of knee replacement surgery such as partial knee replacement, minimally invasive knee replacement and specialised techniques such as rotating hinge knee replacements.

Knee replacement surgery is complex and patients are helped by knowing as much as they can about the operation and the rehabilitation with the physiotherapist before they commit to the surgery. Good information is vital and it can be really useful to watch a knee replacement surgery video or a partial knee replacement surgery video to get a in depth idea of what goes on during the operation. This way the patients will be able to cooperate more closely with the physio as they understand the goals they are trying to achieve.

There are many different kinds of orthopedics video on sites such as YouTube and many of them are not very good, but I have chosen what I feel to be good quality videos which illustrate the techniques used in this joint replacement technology.

For a knee replacement surgery animation you can go to NHS Choices and and see basic representations of what happens in knee replacement.


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