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Kidney Pain Symptoms

Kidney pain can be a difficult problem to diagnose are there are a number of conditions and disorders which can give pain in the flank and the low back. The flank is the side of the body out from the lower back area and kidney pain can at time radiate through to be felt in the abdomen as stomach pain. The pain is thought to arise when the outer covering of the kidney, known as the capsule, is stretched by anything which causes enlargement of the kidney, such as swelling.

If the kidney pain is very severe, other symptoms may also include vomiting and nausea. The most severe type of kidney pain is considered to be kidney stones – pain which can be acutely strong due to spasm of the ureter (carries urine from kidney to bladder). This pain may surge in waves lasting 20 to 60 minutes or so and then subside.

Kidney infection can cause kidney ache and a general feeling of being unwell, increasing in severity as swelling occurs in the kidney, stretching the capsule. As the capsule needs to be stretched before it registers pain, kidney tumours can exist for long periods before they become big enough to give pain symptoms.

Further resources on kidney pain are available at Net Wellness and the UK National Kidney Foundation.

Back Pain or Kidney Pain?

Other conditions which may cause what is interpreted as kidney pain are lower back pain problems, restrictions of blood flow to the kidney or bowel and local musculoskeletal injury. Back pain will tend to be worse with specific movements and postures and there may be a history of injury or poor working postures. Kidney disease has many symptoms but pain is not amongst the most important.


Kidney pain – Alcohol

Alcohol has a more damaging effect on the liver than the kidneys and any problems which drinking alcohol might cause do not typically include kidney pain.

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