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Kidney Ache

The area of the lower back away from the midline and out to the side is known as the flank, and it is in this area which kidney pain symptoms tend to express themselves.

Further resources on kidney pain are available at Net Wellness and the UK National Kidney Foundation.

A kidney infection can cause a persistent aching pain in the flank and lower back area, as the kidney tissue will swell and put a stretch on its outer covering, known as the capsule, which is sensitive to stretch.

Other kidney pain symptoms can include what seems like stomach pain, very severe pain from problems such as kidney stones, a feeling of being unwell and nausea and vomiting. Lower back pain and other musculoskeletal problems can also radiate pain out into the flank area and a physiotherapist can distinguish between a back pain problem and something which needs medical attention.

Kidney disease may give a large number of symptoms but pain is not a common one. Kidney pain – alcohol intake may affect the kidneys to some degree even though the liver is more at risk, with pain again not being a major part of this.

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