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Hip Resurfacing Video

Hip resurfacing is a treatment for hip osteoarthritis which has been developed as an alternative for standard cemented hip replacement. The hip replacement operation is complex and involves cementing which initially gave problems of implant loosening although modern techniques have improved that greatly. If the joint replacement has to be revised, i.e. redone, then getting all the old cement out is a time consuming job with some risk to the bone of the upper thigh.

Hip resurfacing is often done with a small incision, removes much less bone than standard hip replacement and does not use cement to fix the components which are press fitted snugly to the bony surfaces. This allows the benefits indicated in hip resurfacing and is promoted as being more appropriate for younger and more active patients as contrasted to the elderly patients who make up the vast majority of candidates for hip surgery. Derek McMinn is the pioneer of this kind of surgery and The McMinn Centre has a very good video of the whole operation, which is graphically surgical but gives the operation done by a master in the field, with his helpful commentary.

Another video can be seen here on YouTube with again a helpful commentary although it is fairly technical from the surgeon.

In a hip replacement video, treatment for the arthritis of the socket and the femoral head is shown, including the removal of bone, measurement of the components, cementing of the implants and relocation of the hip joint so that it can function normally.

Hip replacement also puts restrictions on the activities the patient can do after the operation, as excessive range of movement and repetitive jarring can risk dislocation or loosening of the prosthesis. Hip resurfacing is claimed to get round both these problems, as the large ball of the hip reduces the likelihood of dislocation and the limited bone removal and absence of cementing in the femur allows normal activities to be resumed after a specific period.

There are a number of surgical approaches to the hip joint, i.e. the directions that the surgeons choose to make their cut so that they can expose the joint and do the work of replacement. The anterior (front) approach is popular and an anterior hip replacement video can be seen on this page. A posterior approach is also preferred by certain surgeons doing cemented replacements and can be seen on a total hip replacement video.

A hip replacement video can be fascinating but also rather like carpentry and somewhat gruesome, make sure you are not too squeamish to watch it. However it will give a clear visual idea how this amazing technology is inserted and the care needed to ensure that it lasts for ten to fifteen years at least as many do.

Knee replacement is now at least as popular as hip replacement and may be more costly as the components are very expensive, with increased physiotherapy and regular rehabilitation needed to get the best out of the new joint. A total knee replacement video can be seen in the same useful light due to the extended rehabilitation required in some cases.

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