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Hip Replacement Video: Treatment

Hip replacement is one of the most common and most effective orthopaedic procedures, and hip surgery gives hip pain relief for thousands of patients suffering from hip arthritis. The Stryker site gives a good overview of hip replacement with a number of videos to illustrate the points made and MedlinePlus gives a list of links to videos of differing hip replacement techniques.

Hip replacement is a complex procedure and best done by a surgeon who routinely performs the operation and has a large number of them under his belt. The hip replacement operation takes about an hour and a half and the vast majority of them in the NHS are cemented hip replacements in elderly people with hip osteoarthritis.

A hip replacement video is one of the best ways to undestand what is going on in the joint during the operation. It can be a bit gruesome and there is drilling, tapping and hammering at times, making it a bit like cabinet making.

Hip resurfacing is an alternative to hip replacement, used more commonly for younger people and people who are more active and the hip resurfacing video will show the significant differences between the two techniques. Much less bone is removed in hip resurfacing, allowing normal bony stresses to maintain bone stock in the upper femur and there is a reduced dislocation risk.

Hip replacements are performed with different “approaches” which means the method the surgeons use to get into the hip joint. There are a number of different techniques but two which are commonly used and simple to understand are the anterior approach and the posterior approach. The first takes place via the front of the hip and the second via the rear. Surgeons have their own reasons for preferring each technique which has advantages and disadvantages in each case.

Anterior hip replacement video can be seen here and total hip replacement video here.

Knee replacement is the other major joint to be replaced in large numbers and a total knee replacement video can be seen here.

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