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Hip replacement is the treatment of choice for hip pain secondary to osteoarthritis, with a wide choice of types of hip replacement such a total hip replacement and hip resurfacing.

The hip replacement operation is a major treatment in the UK with over 50,000 performed every year so the level of hip replacement costs for the NHS and privately is very high. Knee replacement is overtaking hip replacement in terms of frequency and costs and a total knee replacement video can serve the same function in helping to understand what has gone on and why the post-operative rehabilitation is as the physio dictates.

Hip replacement is also used in the management of fractured neck of femur or broken hip, a very common trauma with important consequences for the mostly elderly population which suffers this type of fracture.

In a hip replacement video, treatment of the hip involves the initial surgical approach, the dislocation of the hip joint, removal of the surfaces of arthritic joint, reaming of the upper femur, cementing of the areas and insertion of the components, relocation of the hip for testing of movement and finally closure of the cut structures and skin. The surgical approach does vary with the surgeon's preferences and an anterior hip replacement video illustrates the surgery performed from the front of the hip.

A total hip replacement video can be contrasted with a total knee replacement video to compare the techniques used to replace these two most arthritis affected major joints. A hip resurfacing video can also be useful to visualise this alternative approach to hip replacement, claimed to be more effective for younger people and those who still wish to continue vigorous activities.

Physiotherapists manage the post-operative manual care of these patients, prescribing hip replacement exercises as appropriate although exercises are a much smaller part of rehabilitation for hip replacement compared to knee replacement.

There are a number of videos illustrating hip replacement on YouTube and other areas of the internet. YouTube or Google search will turn up many candidates and it is useful to get a good visual idea of what is going on while the operation is being performed as this makes the post-operative precautions make more sense. A nice example of a hip replacement video is here on YouTube and NHS Choices has a hip replacement animation


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