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Hip Replacement Costs

Hip replacement or hip arthroplasty is a common and important operation for the management of arthritic problems of the hip joint and hip pain whether secondary to osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, congenital abnormality, avascular necrosis, infection or trauma such as a broken hip.

The rising number of elderly people in Western industrialised countries continues to place a burden of increasing costs for healthcare, some of which includes joint replacement. Hip replacement was developed first but knee replacement is on track to become more numerous and costly.

With varying types of hip replacement available such as hip replacement and hip resurfacing the question of hip replacement costs is a complex one. The cost of a hip is an important matter to individual patients who plan to fund their own surgery.


The Cost of a Hip Replacement

The cost of a hip replacement operation in the UK varies as of 2010 between £7000 to £9500, depending on whether you go to an independent surgeon, a big company such as Spire or to Harley Street.

Due to the high costs of opting to have hip replacement surgery in the UK, many people opt for hip replacement abroad. This is an industry which is steadily increasing in size and people realise, by doing hip replacement cost comparisons, that they can save a lot of money by choosing a clinic abroad rather than in the UK.

When looking at the likely cost of the package it is wise to think about potential hip replacement risks and hip replacement complications which might add considerably to the financial or personal cost of having a new hip.

Informed patients make better decisions about their care and can understand what is going to happen to them and why by finding out about the underlying process of operation by watching a hip replacement video. Visual information is more illustrative and allows the patient to fully participate with the physiotherapist in hip replacement exercises, for example.

Saga have a FAQ page which covers hip replacement costs and Wikipedia has a page on hip replacement which reviews US costs.

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