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Hip Replacement Cost Comparisons

Hip replacement is one of the most common and most successful of orthopaedic interventions, with very high increases in quality of life measurements. In the UK the vast majority of total hip replacement is performed in NHS hospitals but there is a thriving private sector both in the UK and abroad. Replacement of the hip joint was the first major success for this branch of surgery although knee replacement has overtaken the hip in numbers and particularly in cost.

Getting a valid comparisons of hip replacement costs is quite difficult as the services offered in the various countries will vary considerably depending on your individual agreement with them.

The Treatment Abroad PriceWatch Survey 2008 shows the varying costs of having a hip replacement abroad but do not include the the costs of flights nor accomodation costs for the patient and perhaps an accompanying adult. The average price quoted for a UK hip replacement is £8000 and to have hip replacement surgery privately in the UK varies from £7000 to £9500 depending on whether you go to an independent surgeon or have it via one of the major private providers or in Harley Street. PrivateHealthUK have a useful site quoting costs.

Discounts on the £8000 price tag can be as steep as 60% or more in countries such as Bulgaria, India and Tunisia. India is very popular as its private medical sector is highly developed and progressing quickly, with English widely spoken, removing on of the difficult barriers to understanding which might be a problem in some non-English speaking countries.

The costs of having surgery abroad can be much more expensive if hip replacement risks and hip replacement complications are not taken into account. Complications, although often minor, occur frequently and require treatment to settle quicky. On return to the UK the NHS would manage any major complications which threatened life but would not manage minor problems and longer term review. You would have to return to the clinic or pay for private care in the UK should a complication arise such as loosening or an infection.

Before you have hip replacement surgery it is good to check all the details, research the reputation of the clinic and the surgery, record all the potential expenses and look very carefully at the small print of the contract you are going to sign.



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