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Hip Replacement Abroad

In the UK the NHS provides the vast majority of the hip replacements and knee replacements, with the private sector small but significant. Waiting lists to have hip replacement surgery have dropped greatly over the last ten years but the trend for having a hip joint replaced abroad continues to increase.

Hip Replacement Costs

The main motivation for travelling abroad for treatment to one of the many countries which offers a wide variety of surgery and other treatments is cost. With the tightening of economic conditions over the last two years, hip replacement costs considerations will be all the more important for many people planning their treatments and looking at hip replacement cost comparisons.

You have to do much of the work yourself if you want treatment abroad, and it is up to you to satisfy yourself as to the reliability, cleanliness and preparedness for emergency of the clinic you eventually choose. What level of aftercare is offered and what happens when there are complications are also important matters to sort out before surgery is embarked upon.

Doing a lot of research before you go is the safest thing, talking to your GP and other patients who have been where you might be going. The distance you travel will add both time and cost to your schedule. How the clinics measure their success and the rates of hip replacement complications are also things you will want to know. You will need to go over the agreement very carefully and check all the fine print to avoid any unpleasant surprises. What the clinic is prepared to do in the event of complications or other problems is also a useful thing to get clear.

Typical sites offering hip replacement abroad are HPP Algarve Medical Tourism and

Hip Replacement Risks

It is important to be aware of the potential financial consequences of hip replacement risks. If there is a major complication which is not life threatening then you will either need to go back to the clinic for further treatment or pay for further treatment privately yourself in the UK.


Hip Replacement Abroad

Many foreign countries now have excellent facilities and prices are highly competitive, with savings of £3000 to £4000 possible on a total hip replacement. Many countries now offer surgery such as hip replacement and knee replacement and India, Croatia and South Korea are popular destinations offering discounts from the UK price of 56 to 82%


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