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Hip Pain Relief

Hip pain is relatively common in athletes such as football players and runners but much less so in the general population. Pain in the hip can be related to the hip joint itself, to hip bursitis or related to lower back pain.

If the hip joint itself is the source of inflammation or pain then a surgeon can inject it with steroids and anaesthetic to reduce the pain and swelling and hopefully start the recovery process. If the hip joint pain is significant and related to hip arthritis then the options exists for hip surgery in the form of a hip replacement to provide arthritis pain relief.

If lateral hip pain or thigh pain is the problem then the patient may have bursitis, an inflammation of the fluid-filled lubricating sacs which aid movement of one structure over another. Injection is also a possibility here as is physiotherapy to stretch out any tight structure, strengthen weak muscles and provide deep transverse frictions to the painful area. Alteration or reduction is sporting activities may also be advised for a while by the physio to give the hip bursitis time to settle. The physio may examine the lumbar spine to exclude the contribution of lower back pain to the hip pain being suffered.

Hip pain running is a typical complaint from runners seen by physiotherapists and this may be due to several things including the repetitive friction of structures moving across each other as the person runs a long way, causing inflammation and pain.

The cartilage lip around the hip joint rim can become torn and be painful and pain can also be causes by loose bodies inside the joint and by early hip arthritis. Hip arthroscopy, where a small viewing device is used to see inside the joint and perform procedures, is increasingly used as the diagnosis of hip problems becomes more sophisticated. This can provide a hip treatment which gives arthritis pain relief and allows the person to get going with hip exercises.

More information can be seen at the Emedicine site about hip pain and at the hip pain page at About:Orthopedics.

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