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Best Pillow for Neck Pain

Neck pain is very common and a large number of people at any point are walking around with some neck pain and stiffness. Cervical spine neck pain is commonly related to sprains and strains of neck structures or degenerative changes which occur in the neck joints and discs. Further resources on neck pain can be found at Arthritis Research UK with a symptom checker at

Due to the stiff neck and shoulder and neck pain, sleeping is often a problem and it is difficult to get neck pain relief at night where we may maintain static postures for much longer than we would normally when we are awake.

Due to neck pain causes like straining our neck joints or ligaments at night we can wake with pain and abnormal posture of the head, a torticollis neck pain problem. Muscle spasm from the pain maintains the head in the abnormal position and it can take a week or two for the problem to settle.

Pillows for neck pain are a matter of interest to anyone with anything more than mild neck pain as interruption of sleep can be a major difficulty. Postural neck pillows are not cheap with a typical cost between £40 and £50, meaning testing one or getting them on return is really useful in case they are no help.

Maintaining the natural “neutral posture” of the neck is the major aim of using a pillow to fill in the gap between the ear and the shoulder. As we move about this has to be compromise and the exact nature of pillow suitable for most people has not been determined.

However, neck pillows for neck pain cannot solve all your neck pain problems and you will need to adopt other neck pan remedies. You should take account of neck posture, lumbar posture (back pain problems may encourage poor posture which leads to poor neck position also) and neck exercises for neck pain.

Travel neck pillows and airplane neck pillows may be useful on long haul air travel journeys.

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