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Low back pain is a complex clinical syndrome which gives a large variety of sometimes frightening symptoms, making it challenging and difficult to understand. Neck pain has similar presentations but is less frequent although it can be very troublesome.

Back pain symptoms may include pain which can be strong, severe, sharp, shooting, gripping, pressure like and there can be pins and needles, numbness and odd feelings such as cold water, stabbings, feelings of swelling and feelings of insects crawling over the skin.

Back pain treatment is extremely variable with a very large number of treatments proposed by their proponents, most of which have little evidence to support their effectiveness. Lower back pain is often persistent once a person has had an episode and back pain relief is a difficult thing to achieve by treatment with for example a physiotherapist.

Back pain diagnosis is difficult and in many cases the source of a person's pain cannot be precisely identified, leading to frustration on the part of the sufferer and clinician and a feeling that treatment is useless.

Back pain sufferers are active on the net and a back pain blog can be a valuable source of information as it can give a first hand account of the pain and the investigations and treatments which might follow, including operations.

Information - back pain is an abbreviated list of important aspects of back pain.

Examples of back pain blogs are at and


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