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After Knee Replacement Blog

Knee replacement is a major operation which replaces the damaged or otherwise abnormal joint surfaces with artificial components made of metal and plastic. Hip replacement was the first joint arthroplasty perfected sufficiently to be applied to a large number of patients with a good expectation of pain relief for many years and total knee arthroplasty (formal name for knee replacement) has reached this level too, overtaking hip replacement in terms of numbers performed and cost.

Of the 70,000 knee replacements performed in the UK every year the vast majority do well and people are very pleased with the outcome. However there are knee replacement complications and if one looks at knee replacement complications - a comprehensive view shows that side-effects and treatable complications are common. More severe problem such as DVT are relatively common, while the more severe problems of infection and loosening do occur but less often.

While the major client group is elderly people (over 65) with osteoarthritis of the knee, people over 50 with restricted arthritic change to one side of the knee may be offered partial knee replacement.

Severe problems and total knee replacement medical malpractice are very uncommon but do occur and it can be useful to consult a total knee replacement blog or so to find out what the actual experiences of the patients are compared to the preparatory information.

Robin's Knee Replacement is an account of his knee replacements and a collection of interesting links and another after knee replacement blog is here.

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